Star Tribune Names IC System a 2020 Top 150 Workplace

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Star Tribune Names IC System a 2020 Top 150 Workplace

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How Debt Collection Works, Part 3: Account Placement

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Not all accounts are ideal for collection efforts. It’s difficult to know which accounts you should send to your collection agency and when. IC System’s “How Debt Collection Works” blog series continues with a discussion about the best practices for account placement. You have already received some tips for choosing a collection agency and advice about which products

IC System’s COVID-19 Response

A message from IC System’s President & CEO, John Erickson: As we all adjust to these uncertain times, know that IC System is fully operational and ready to help generate revenue on your behalf. Managing your A/R may not currently be your first priority during this pandemic, but rest assured that we will continue to

Local Distillery Inspires with Their Coronavirus Response

As everyone continues to process the headlines and changing reality concerning the COVID-19 situation, it’s always nice when you find someone whose coronavirus response gives you inspiration and hope. That’s certainly the case with Vikre Distillery, a Minnesota spirits maker that normally creates a variety of gins, vodkas, and whiskeys. Faced with the pandemic and

Tax Deadlines Change in Response to COVID-19

As a response to the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Treasury Department has announced that individual taxpayers and businesses have a new deadline to file their federal returns and pay their taxes: July 15. It was announced on Friday, March 20, that the new July 15 deadline would be moved as another measure by the U.S.

How Debt Collection Works, Part 2: Pick Your Service

You’ve already received some advice about how to determine if IC System is right for your office. Now you need to pick the right collection service. To continue our blog series about how debt collection works at IC System, I sat down with Tom Mayfield, a District Sales Manager with over ten years in debt collection

New Movie “Buffaloed” Takes Aim at Collection Industry

There’s a new movie called Buffaloed that sets its sights on the debt collection industry. It portrays debt collectors as shady criminals who are willing to knock on doors, make nasty threats, and dupe the elderly into repeatedly paying off the same debt—anything to collect on the “paper” they have purchased from creditors. The movie concentrates on

How Debt Collection Works, Part 1: Finding a Collection Partner

You know that your business or practice needs a collection partner, but you’re not sure about what qualities should drive your decision-making process. In this series of informative blogs by IC System about accounts receivable management, some of our tenured experts will provide their insights about various aspects of the debt collection process. The first

Tax Season Debt Collection Strategies and Why They Matter

Many retailers make or break their year based on the success of the holiday shopping season. The period between Black Friday and the year’s end represents nearly 50% of some retailers’ annual sales. The same is true of the collection industry during tax time, a period in which IC System’s collections can increase by up

Deal with Collection Accounts Before Holiday Hoopla

The holidays can be stressful and crazily busy. It’s so busy that surviving the holiday season requires an almost endless list of lists. You have shopping lists of who to buy for, where you’re going to do your shopping, what food you’re going to serve, what you’re going to bring to this or that party,

What does a collection agency do?

Many businesses use a collection agency to help recover their past-due accounts. But what exactly does a collection agency do? The federal government limits the actions of debt collectors with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Even so, collection companies should perform a few basic services to ensure they’re doing everything possible on your