About Us

What is IC System?

Founded in 1938, IC System is a family-owned, privately held collection agency serving thousands of clients in industries such as healthcare, small business, financial services, government, communications, education, and utilities. IC System’s purpose is to improve financial outcomes for consumers and our clients. Our niche is to be the best, most trusted provider of receivables management services to original creditors. Visit About to learn more about IC System.

How long has IC System been in business?

Since 1938. Learn more on our About page.

How does debt collection work?

IC System delivers collection services catered to meet your office’s needs. After selecting your product and submitting accounts, we begin an intricate process of data scrubbing and optimization, followed by our collection services and ongoing support. Visit How it Works to learn the detail of each step in the collection system.

Does IC System collect debts in my state?

IC System is licensed and/or bonded in all 50 states, as well as Guam and Puerto Rico. Learn more about the importance of National Licensure.

How does IC System ensure my consumer data is secure and confidential?

IC System maintains compliance with the industry’s highest standards through our ironclad security network and regimented compliance protocols. Learn more on our Security page.

For what types of businesses and institutions will IC System collect?

IC System works with offices in dozens of industries, including, but not limited to, healthcare, dental, small and medium business, communications, government, education, utilities, and pest control. IC System provides collection services to original creditors only.


How much does it cost to submit accounts to collections?

IC System offers several options for collection services. The prices on these will vary depending on what service you choose. Learn more on our Programs & Rates page.

What services do you offer?

IC System has two distinct products that combine collection efforts via phone and letter with an effective consumer-friendly approach. Each of our products features optional services such as Credit Reporting, Credit Monitoring, Non-Litigation Attorney Referral, and more. Learn more on our Programs & Rates page.

Why is a letter from a collection agency more effective than sending another invoice from me?

IC System recommends that your office send initial collection letters. However, a collection letter from a collection agency demonstrates your seriousness about recovering the past-due balance on an account. Often just having a collection agency letterhead is enough to incite past-due consumers to pay. Visit How it Works to learn more about our collection system.

Where does the money go when it is collected?

All payments made to IC System are electronically deposited into our trust accounts. IC System then provides client remittances on a monthly basis via electronic ACH transfer or, if necessary, by paper check. Sometimes a consumer may make a direct payment to our client, in which case IC System can either bill the client for IC System’s portion of the payment or remove our fee from the client’s monthly remittance.

How do I get my money?

IC System provides client remittances on a monthly basis via electronic ACH transfer or, if necessary, by paper check.

Do you offer Contingency Collections?

IC System offers two products, Premier Collect and Recovery Plus. Both involve a contingency-based fee structure at various stages in the collection process. Please see our Programs & Rates page for additional detail.

What are the main differences between your two programs?

Premier Collect is a contingency-based program that features the use of intensive collection efforts to recovery your past-due accounts. Recovery Plus is a two-phase program that begins in Phase I with a flat fee (no commission) letter service; in Phase II, accounts receive intensive collection efforts on a contingency fee.

Do you offer a performance guarantee? +

IC System guarantees to recover twice your initial investment with our Recovery Plus product. This product requires a flat fee for the letters in Phase I. If your initial fee is $250, IC System guarantees to collect at least $500. Learn more about Recovery Plus.

How soon can I start submitting accounts?

You can submit accounts today! Once you select your product and sign up, IC System will grant you access to our Online Tools, where you can submit accounts today. Once you submit an account electronically, it will be in our collection system within 24 hours!