Star Tribune Names IC System a 2020 Top 150 Workplace

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Star Tribune Names IC System a 2020 Top 150 Workplace

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Daycare & K-12 Education Debt Collection Services

Your Personal School Debt Collection Team

Daycare workers and K-12 educators need to stay focused on child development and education. Unfortunately, there will be families who occasionally have past-due accounts with child care and teaching institutions. Spending already-limited time tracking down overdue bills is never an ideal solution in this important line of work.

IC System is a reliable K-12 school and daycare debt collection agency that can recover unpaid accounts and tuition. Get back to helping children grow and learn — and spend your time the way you intended! Take advantage of our K-12 and daycare debt collection services where we do the work for you.

Effective Approaches & Experience You Can Rely On

Manage your accounts receivable, streamline your collection process, and have more time to focus on education with IC System’s services. We can provide you with easy-to-use products and simple account placement options through collection strategy and help recover the revenue you rely on. With IC System’s services, you get the advantage when it comes to debt collection by:

  • Automatically sending debts with easy-to-use programs and tools
  • Utilizing bilingual support and resources
  • Simplifying your collections processes & minimizing wasted time
  • Segmenting accounts to prioritize on maximizing revenue
  • Providing optional late-stage credit monitoring to stay up to date on probable ability to pay

Recovery Plans for Educational Institutions of Any Size

Our products are designed to help you save time and maximize recoveries on a range of daycare and school accounts. We can also provide school debt collection agency services for before-and-after school programs for children at the elementary and middle school levels across the country. These past-due accounts may be for unpaid early childhood tuition, sports, and after-school activities fees, registration fees, driver’s education fees, or school lunches and nutrition costs. They may even be for faculty or educator overpayments.

Recovery Plus

Recovery Plus is a diverse two-phase debt collection program with distinct letters-only and intensive collection treatments. During the letters-only phase, accounts are sent directly to you, and you keep 100% of recovered money. Debt collection costs are offered at a competitive flat rate.

  • Credit reporting*
  • Analytical modeling for maximum recoveries
  • Skip Tracing
  • Direct Letters

*Credit reporting available only on qualifying accounts

Pricing & Program Overview

Premier Collect

Premier Collect is a contingency collections plan ideal for offices seeking payment on past due accounts. The collection agency fees for this debt recovery program are contingency-based and adjustable based on your business needs.

  • Credit reporting to the major bureaus
  • Credit monitoring to notify us of an important change in the consumer’s credit status that may indicate an ability to pay
  • Attorney referral services in which payment demand contacts are made by an independent attorney
  • Litigation referral services if you decide to take a consumer to court
Pricing & Program Overview

Competitive Pricing for Every Business

Our economical rates and customer-friendly approach make our debt collection services not only a powerful tool but also an effective way to help preserve your valuable customer relationships.

Your comprehensive pricing request will include the following:

  • No cost pricing quote for your IC System services
  • Materials to help streamline your accounts receivable
  • A sample IC System agreement
  • Establish a follow-up plan

Get In Touch

We’ll help you identify the next steps to overcome accounts receivable challenges. Fill out our form or call 1-800-279-3511 to learn more or request pricing.

Unsure Where to Start?

Over several decades, IC System has maintained hundreds of relationships with educators in daycare, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school. We create a positive and effective school and daycare debt collection services while offering you the solutions you need to improve your revenue. Our team can outline an effective path for debt collection that will help you stay in business and maintain a good reputation. Find out how we can set you up for success!

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Experience in Any Industry

Your business will benefit from IC System’s vast experience in every industry segment. Our customized strategy applies advanced analytics to develop an approach best suited to your accounts, no matter your size or number of accounts. IC System ensures you receive intelligent and effective work effort for the best results. Experience the IC System difference today.

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