Proven Debt Collection Services Built For Your Business

It’s never easy to collect on unpaid invoices from people who are important to your business. The ideal program will benefit you by making sure you get the capital you’re owed while helping your customers through an easy user experience. Partnering with IC System simplifies the process in two ways:

  • Customizable programs that are easily adjusted to meet your unique business needs. Choose from two options based on your unique needs: our two-stage Recovery Plus program or our low-contingency InstiCollect.
  • An ethical, consumer-friendly approach to debt collection that prioritizes the maintenance of valued relationships. Just because your customers owe you money doesn’t mean you don’t care about preserving your relationship — we get that, which is why we developed an approach that puts people first.

If you’re unsure where to start — don’t worry! We can help. Together, we can review your accounts and goals to find the solution that best fits your business’s debt recovery needs.

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A debt collection solution for small businesses with 50 or fewer debts a month in need of help collecting on past-due accounts with integrity.

Recovery Plus

A two-phased debt recovery service with letters-only and intensive collection treatments offered at a competitive flat rate. During the letters phase, you keep 100% of the money recovered.

What Makes Us Unique

Nationwide Debt Recovery Services

100% US-based agency licensed nationwide with an average client tenure of 16 years

Over 85 Years of Expertise

Proven collection strategies forged by our third-generation, family-owned business

Consumer-Friendly Approach

Focused on maintaining your partnerships through ethical methods that work

Data Security

Rigorously audited security and compliance protocols to protect your data

Painless Process

You need a simple but effective approach to your accounts receivable, and you need it fast. Our debt recovery services make it easy to pick a product, securely place accounts, and start to improve the financial outcomes of both you and your consumers.

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Not Sure Where to Start for Your Business?

Talk to our experts for help developing a comprehensive debt collection solution for your business. We’ll discuss your goals, accounts receivable inventory, and other important factors to determine the best path to recovered revenue.

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Is Your Collection Partner Ready for Regulation F?

The CFPB has implemented new rules, known as Regulation F, requiring collection agencies to obtain additional information from creditors sending past-due accounts for collection.

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